Turnstile, a project by artist David Wills — — Copyright 2020

Turnstile is the creation of David Wills, a database driven website that not only paints a clear picture of David's art work, but also serves up random photographic and textual experiences from his travels both near and far. Check out Turnstile's section descriptions to the right, and dive in.

David Wills
Photography, installation and a slightly obsessional gathering process are at the heart of my practice. They often combine to form large-scale audience participatory works investigating consumption, futility, pleasure and the power of overload.

Extremely large in scale, Wunderwalls comprise thousands of carefully selected and placed images. Links by theme, place, colour or line can be followed by viewers as they meander along their own paths of interest. Wunderwalls are never repeated; they're stictly one-off. Five or Free deinstallation performances close Wunderwall exhibitions allowing punters to buy a piece of the wall, possibly even get it for free.

Shootin’ Gallery
Turnstile comes alive with Shootin' Gallery, a randomly generated photo stream where anything is possible. Visitors can be steered by Turnstile's randomly generated thumbnails, guided by Get Go keywords, or search the A to Z to find something unexpected from the extensive keyword list.

Side Shows
Installation works are defined as Side Shows on Turnstile. Midweek Social performances, Five or Free or other works where the audience plays a key part are filed here.

News Stand
Drop by the News Stand to see the latest Lurker cover, grab a fresh Blink drawing or to find a set of photographs to make your own mini Wunderwall at home or work.

All web ventures have blogs, and Turnstile is no exception. Follow David's blog Tokens for all the news and views with a quirky sense of fun.