Turnstile, a project by artist David Wills — — Copyright 2019


Satellietgroep, Den Haag 2014
For almost seven months I undertook a self-funded residency organised by Satellietgroep in the DCR Studios in The Hague. The purpose was to undertake the back-breaking work of systemising my 280,000 strong photo archive, complete a new Wunderwall for Peri Photographic Centre in Turku, to research a new project titled Parliament among other things.

Toos Neger, Dordrecht 2012-2013
The aim for this three month residency in Dordrecht in the Netherlands is to bring to fruition the overhaul of Turnstile, create a new Wunderwall and to experiment with other installation projects. Additionally, new  Shootin' Gallery image sets Dordrecht, Noah's Ark and Zwarte Piet have been added to the site, which now has in excess of 7,000 photographs in this substantial image archive project.

The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars, Finland 2012
In June 2012 I undertook a residency in Fiskars, a small village in rural Finland. The residency was part collaboration with printmaker Peter McLean. We worked on our own print, photography and drawing projects, and our own blogs. We created Four Feet to showcase our individual responses to place, which includes the work Natural Characters.

Fraser Street Studios, Sydney 2009
A number of projects were experimented with during this residency, and I quickly discovered that each one would need considerable time to come to fruition. Register is now well underway, Tip Top has had several small installations while Very Small Cars is still gathering momentum.

Artist In Residence, National Art School, Sydney 2007
This year long residency allowed me to develop two major undertakings, the first ever Wunderwall and the equally fresh Midweek Social. I worked within the photography department taking part in undergraduate teaching, artist talks and open studios.  

Moya Dyring, Cité International des Arts, Paris 2005
My time in Paris resulted in the first rendering of this very website, Turnstile. An ArtsACT Quick Response Grant allowed me valuable time to develop the project and be inspired by the charms of Paris, its galleries, people and life. Photographs taken in Paris made their way into Wunderwalls and other work including the Libidinal Cement exhibition in Sydney.

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