Turnstile, a project by artist David Wills — — Copyright 2019

That's Just a Nun...


The title refers to an off-the-cuff remark and photograph from Turku, Finland. It represents the absurdity of life and the search for meaning within it as we meander along. Through the use of multiple images and varied experiences, the Wunderwall is peppered with references, some potent, others inane and some to be taken with a grain of salt. Colour and juxtaposition play together to discuss a range of ideas related to humanity, legacy and environment.

The images not only depict the detritus of consumerism, but also longing. Similarities and differences are highlighted, the value we place on resources and products, and the interactions we have with each other on the street, the watching, flirting and ignoring ponder contemporary western living. The focus is on the barely registered scattered with moments of fleeting beauty, poignant messages via graffiti and a sense that waste reigns supreme.

Exhibited August 2014
Centre for Photography Peri
Turku, Finland