Turnstile, a project by artist David Wills — — Copyright 2019

Libidinal Cement


Libidinal Cement is a response to living in a consumer society, where the chance of owning fleeting beauty or coolness is presented 24/7. I was thinking: Random circuits at breakpoint. The city of love is covered in piss. The streets are full of concealed underwear. Carelessly tossed adapted plastic forms lurk in the background. The remains of consumption-obsessed society profile our collective character. Our temporary wants and suggested needs lie dormant, life span has ended. We need to shop. We need a fix, it’s for the economy. Who needs human spirit, who wants dignity? Who wants value? Financial worth is our mantra. Chant it proud. Material possession and obsession pilots our dreams. The work comprises three acrylic disks with laser cut peep holes  featuring collections of underwear categorised by colour: pink, white and the flag of the United States of America.

Libidinal I and II

Seven Dwarves